Tag: shortstory

  • Violent Delights

    Violent Delights

    My imagination tortures me. It consoles me; it brings forth scenes of a distant and painful fantasy.

  • An Archaic Connection

    An Archaic Connection

    And thus, we walked off together into the void of eternity hand in hand.

  • The Dragonslayer

    The Dragonslayer

    Our saviors are dead! They remain dead. The frigid pool of their blood clings to our human, all-too-human skin.

  • The Unprecedented Canvas

    The Unprecedented Canvas

    Whoever you think you are, whoever you present yourself to be, whoever you could potentially be, and whoever you have been in some misbegotten past— whatever ideologies may have sunk their teeth in you and devoured you whole, and whatever faint glimmer, if any at all, of an unprecedented light still somehow flickers behind your…

  • The Last Madman

    The Last Madman

    Taimoor, in a world that is occupied all across the horizon by strangers, she was the least strange person I have ever met

  • The Musical Apocalypse

    The Musical Apocalypse

    Let’s be valorous! Let us wage war on death, despite knowing we are not destined to triumph. Let us die with solemn dignity! Let us not run away from our fate!”

  • Our Inauspicious Stars

    Our Inauspicious Stars

    Her face was a dim choice of others but not for myself. What did happen did not that deeply hurt, As that which could have been—oh!