I Thought You Were Mine

I thought you were mine

That our coffins would twine

But now you live despite me

Will I too? We shall at last see

I never knew you would haunt me like this

I never knew every passing moment without you would be an affront to our beautiful shared moments

Who knew memories could be such tormentors?

Both the warden and the prison

Both the disease and the cure

Both the lamented and the cherished

I find myself mumbling your name

Recalling vividly how abruptly into my life you came

Because you left me to ceaselessly recollect all that you say

My bed has become a slaughterhouse for any and all joy drawn from the day

I couldn’t bring myself to look at you

Nor did I have the chance to fathom

Loving you was tantamount to suicide

And yet, in the wake of the suicide, a phoenix squawked

These verses are that squawk!

I am the Dionysus who was hacked to pieces

Only to be stitched back into a formidable stature

Oh, love, there’s no going back now

All revivals are now misbegotten

If you mustered the audacity to look back

Your fate would be madness

So, walk along, walk along


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