Mildi – A Coffee-Fueled Night

26th August 2018 (Continued)

Mildi: Why do we have so much in common?!! Haahha.

Safiyy: It’s really incredible how much we have in common.

Mildi: I barely have conversations like these … I even made coffee because that’s what I pair up with great talks haha.

Safiyy: I haven’t had any conversations like this either in like a hundred years. It’s just so rare to find someone who seems a lot like yourself. A mirror.

Mildi: I love metaphors. Sometimes all we can do is rely on them. I rely on them a lot .. hahaa.

Safiyy: They are a good tool for telepathy.

Mildi: And people easily understand things which they can relate to or they are aware of. Example: if you can’t tell someone that you like them, you can say, “You are the moon of the ocean,” and if that someone knows you can’t be together, he tells you, “we are a car crash in slow motion.” I remembered that when I was reading your piece a while ago. That was the effect of your gift. Hahaha. I think I had too much coffee hahaha.

Safiyy: What else are you passionate about?

Mildi: Singing. They don’t believe me when I tell them my voice is great when I sing alone. And animals for a time. I wanted to become a vet, but for now I really want to volunteer.

Safiyy: What kind of stuff do you sing?

Mildi: Songs like “Moon River”. Audrey Hepburn’s version. Hey, but I’m not good at it; I was just kidding haha. The classic songs really catch my attention or songs with that kind of vibe.

Safiyy: “Moon River” is awesome.

Mildi: Yeeeess!!!! I always listen to it; it reminds me of something, and yet, I can’t totally remember it. It’s just pure emotions. Hope and like anticipation … Here comes the sun.

Safiyy: Mildi, do you sometimes wish you could just walk away from it all–family, friends and jobs? Out into the woods somewhere in a cabin? I sometimes do. Do you?

Mildi: Sometimes I want to restart my life. I feel like I was in “auto mode” for some time and then suddenly I woke up. Especially now that I feel like the system is deteriorating faster. It’s like human beings are forgetting what is being human.

Safiyy: Exactly. What exactly is it, Mildi, that you want out of life?

Mildi: Detachment.

Safiyy: This is again one of those times I feel like I am looking into a mirror. I already am misanthropic. All I also want now is detachment.

Mildi: Maybe that’s why you write. You have to write. Maybe it’s like your purpose. Sometimes people need some eye-openers. A lot of eye-openers, but that can never be enough. We can never be enough. And when we try to deviate, they will drag us back again because that’s just it.

Safiyy: I write because I wish to be immortal. I want to create something that goes on even after I die. But yes, I also write because I am alienated and am aware that there’s a big price one always ends up paying for being an outsider. For deviating from the norm. But I want to put up a fight against those who try to drag me back.

Mildi: And you are not just immortal; you are also everyone because when you write, you become somebody else; you have tales and experiences of so many people that you turn into “everyone”. It’s like there’s an everyone in us. What I am now, what I say, write, believe, think, and experience has something to do with somebody else’s. And what I am now may be the sum of what my ancestors were. What you are now is also from them. It’s like we’re as old as the first things on earth if we think about it.

Safiyy: Yes. We’re made up of the same matter that made up certain stars.

Mildi: The air you breathe was once in somebody else’s lungs or system … and people forget about that. We are all elements constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed again, which reminds me; I have a question: Do you know how hills and other landforms were formed? The question is just my intro to my speech hahaahaaa.

Safiyy: I think I once read that they were formed through collisions of some lands. I’m not sure though. Inform me.

Mildi: There’s a tourist spot in our country that’s called Chocolate Hills. People love ’em, but if we review how these were formed, we get “earthquakes” as the answer. The beautiful spots we have now were basically the result of something bad that occurred before … through time. And to prove that earthquake thing, the tourist spot “chocolate hills” is found in a city where earthquakes always happen. So just like people, the great ones are great because they’ve had the “earthquakes” in their lives which made them beautiful.

Safiyy: Sometimes destruction and creation go hand in hand. Of course

Mildi: And the time it needs for such beauty to bloom is magnificent. Thousands and millions of years.

Safiyy: Difficult times aren’t something to shy away from but to be embraced. Tell me the story of your name, Mildi.

Mildi: My mom originally wanted to name me from a Goddess… but she forgot her name. She just said it starts with L.

Safiyy: I think Mildi is cuter.

Mildi: You’re really honest.

Safiyy: Mildi sounds like a character from some American drama.

Mildi: From a classic one, right? Haha.

Safiyy: Mildi, I love your spontaneity.

Mildi: I once wrote:

Once upon a time

never happened

I was broken hearted that time hahahaahahahaaaaaaa. But then I realized I was just overrating my own feelings. Hahaaa. Sometimes we do that; we pamper emotions so much. They turn into bushes. Tell me if your sleepy or tired 😅. I’m not tired or sleepy here btw. Hahaa. But it’s okay if you are.

Safiyy: The truth, Mildi, is that I have a weird schedule. I don’t sleep all night. And I sleep most of the day. What kind of an idiot would I have to be to pass up on such a rare conversation that I probably won’t have with another Homo-Sapien for a long time.

Mildi: Hahahaahaaaa I was also like that before. But I don’t sleep that much during daytime. I was more active when I lacked sleep; I was hyper. One time, I intentionally did not sleep the whole night because the debate contest was the next day. So I went to school super hyper and went home with enemies. Hahaha joke. I also experienced that with research paper haha. I think it’ll only work with verbal haha.

Safiyy: How old are you? I’m curious.

Mildi: Guess.

Safiyy: 22.

Mildi: 24 😁 How about you?

Safiyy: I just turned 20 a few weeks ago. I look older for my age.

Mildi: So you mean I look waaaaay older then? Hahahaa. I believe you. I’ve noticed that. The difference in how people age depending on their nationality. Hahaa. I’m 4 yrs older than you.. hahaa. I just think it’s cute. hahahaaaaa.

Safiyy: Tell me more about yourself.

Time bleeds into midnight. The barrier of 12 AM is crossed and 27th August 2018 begins.

Mildi: I kept on typing, deleting, retyping, deleting. Hahahaa. You can ask me a question; I’ll answer you with a novel hahaa.

Safiyy: Feel free to let out whatever comes to mind.

Mildi: Hahahaa. Ok, hmm. I am allergic to chicken. I had an anaphylactic shock once. I was at school; it was still semester break. I was supposed to enroll, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I rushed myself to the hospital. I was so hungry hahaha. I could not swallow my food because my throat was swollen. I tried not eating chicken for two months. I failed. My body had to adjust. Hahaaha and now I don’t have allergic reactions anymore. That was my first heart break. Hahahaahaha with the chicken. And back in high school, I got so sick the doctor said there was a hole in my heart, and that I had MVP, a condition where unoxygenated blood combines with the oxygenated blood, so I didn’t have enough oxygen. I had this medication for a year. I think the name of the medicine was Metropolol. Then I got better. And the hole disappeared. I even said, “Ahm ,maybe it was just dust?” Hahaaha.

Safiyy: You seem to have a sense of humor about it. That’s great!

Mildi: Once you have a history of cardio problems, you’re not allowed to donate blood, right? In my previous school, I wanted to donate, but when they asked me, I told them about my history. They declined. In my new school, I still wanted to donate blood, so I told them I don’t have history. I donated twice. 😅😂

Safiyy: How sweet and noble of you.

Mildi: I’m not planning to donate again for now. I was dismayed when I learned that the poor were not given the privilege to receive blood packs. I wanted to give my blood for free; they were doing it as a business. And I didn’t like it. But if there’s someone who is in need and directly contacts me, I will help, but if it’s sponsored by an organization, I won’t do that. They end up selling blood. Their alibi is they spend for the lab processing, but seriously they ask too much from the people. They’re using their position to abuse others.

Safiyy: But Mildi, these people don’t necessarily deserve you. You are altruistic. But you have no responsibility towards them. Why don’t you work for yourself instead of them, the poor?

Mildi: Yes, it was just the blood thing because I also read the benefits of donating blood haha, but I’m done with that.

Safiyy: Oh. I see. Anyway, it’s been great talking to you, Mildi. I am glad I found you. I hope your writing works out, and we have further conversations in the future. And I want you to know that if you are ever in the mood for talking to someone but don’t have anyone, without a second thought, message me. I mean that. I love talking to you. At the moment, I have to tutor my little sisters. I am extremely sorry to have to end our chat. Goodbye and take care. Good luck to you, Mildi.

Mildi: Thank you for sharing your literary pieces; they are gems! And it was time well spent with you and your thoughts. I will surely send you a mesage.😊


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