Mildi – Prologue

To the memory of my late beloved

Mildi: I just read the Layla and Majnun story, Safoo. 

Safiyy: Oh, I am glad! How was it? 

Mildi: Their love is celestial. It does not belong to this world. Earth was their prison. I also like when Majnun said a name is not at all that significant. It reminded me of what I wrote once—that you have to know someone and call him or her not by the name. I like how Majnun stayed, died, and turned into dust—mocking the tribes (go on catch me now!) A grave that is also a cradle to an immortal love. The wind knows about it. No spectators needed. It only strengthened their love. To stay in love with the existence of the other.

Safiyy: The wind will know about us too.

Mildi: I just remembered something, Safoo. Being loved isn’t always a gift. It can also serve as a weight especially if you can return the same feeling. It’s not something to be proud of. When you see the one who is in love with you in agony, it’s not something to brag about. It’s heavy. It weighs a lot especially if you start thinking of one’s life as your responsibility. That’s why I have this belief that my feelings are my responsibility. These emotions are mine. One should take care of his own shit.

Safiyy: What if someone cannot let you take that responsibility on your own?

Mildi: That’s why I don’t cling much to that belief anymore. I cling to Safiyy’s tales. And hopefully the world can explore those tales too. In another world, you are an alchemist. 


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