My Sweet Darling Mildi

By Safiyy Tajmal for his beloved Mildi 

To me has my soul spoken at last

She had her existence in a foreign land cast 

Met we quite by fate’s chance

To do nothing for each other but enhance 

The pangs of a despised existence, 

And a much unfulfilled subsistence, 

Hath we in each other found; 

And with love and company we made the other one sound; 

Vowed we both to accompany till the grave, 

And a stop to that we do never crave 

Her bludgeoning eyes and long fingers make her touch extreme

While scooping before her mouth loads of ice-cream 

Her childlike tales and manners never fail to adore, 

Always leaving me wanting more

Love I truly all of her 

Including her plunges into danger 

By God, she loves me truly now, 

And doubts the authenticity of my vow 

I shall carry her in my arms with felicity 

To the ends of this earth for eternity 

For I love her so intensely;

She is my gift and my only hope

Without her the burden of existence would I fail to cope 

Thou exuberant stars, would you my only wish hear

Of keeping her warm face to me always near

For such is her role, so please bid me, 

The company of my own soul, of my sweet darling Mildi 


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